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Specialist types of Lighting:

As well as general lighting QMC Lighting Design work extensively with specialist lighting systems both for interiors & exteriors. Different lights are suitable for different applications and we work with a variety of fittings to achieve the best effects.


  • Economical low maintenance-one light source using one lamp can supply many points of light
  • Low UV & Heat Emissions-makes fibre optic lighting ideal for the lighting of susceptible items where other types of lighting are unviable
  • Safety-There is no electricity in the fibre optic harness & it can be used in wet/humid conditions and where there is public access
  • Limitless effects- twinkle effect (star ceilings) and colour change, DMX, AVR control & scene setting. Effect lighting such as start ceilings, flooring lights, wall washers, star clothes, spa lighting & external lighting


An LED is a Lighting Emitting Diode. A Diode is a semiconductor device, which only allows electrical current to flow in one direction.
  • Unlike conventional light sources LED's are not subject to sudden failure or burnout.
  • As LED fittings last at least 10 times as long as conventional light sources there is no need to replace them as often, reducing or eliminating ongoing maintenance & periodic relamping costs.
  • Average life expectancy 50,000 hours (nearly 6 years of continuous use).
  • Luxeon LEDs are more efficient then incandescent & halogen light sources. Unlike florescent light sources LEDs contain no mercury.
  • The low heat characteristics of LEDs are also important in areas where the fitting cannot run hot such as inground fittings.

Cold Cathode

What's the difference between Cold Cathode & Neon?
  • Both operate on the same principle cold cathode lamps operate on significantly higher currents, utilize more efficient lamp colour coatings & are more then twice the diameter of neon.
  • Cold Cathode also provide up to fives times the light output of Neon. Cold Cathode 50,000 hour life.
  • Standard florescent (hot cathode) typical lamp life is 15,000 hours with 3 hours of lamp life lost every time lamps are turned on.
  • For all of its flexibility of design options, longevity, brightness, colour and cool temperature, cold cathode light is finding its way into nearly every aspect of life.

Back Lit Glass Features

Using colour change & movement of light we can create different stunning effects with fibre-optics, cold cathode, fluorescent and LEDs.

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Susan Quirke Lighting Designer
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Susan Quirke | Interior Designer
Susan Quirke Lighting Designer

"I love lighting-its my passion. Six spots in the ceiling wont do much for a room, but a cleverly thought-out scheme can really set a mood & finish the décor" Quote S.Quirke KBB Magazine

Susan Quirke is a qualified Lighting Designer, Project Manager & Interior Designer. She has worked for many years in Exhibition & Museum design working with fibre-optic lighting for manuscript & display case lighting with one of the most prolific Museum design companies in Dublin. She has also worked for a retail Project Management Company managing high-end retail & bar projects in Knightsbridge & Bond Street particularly in the management & co-ordination of the lighting design & security systems. She has also worked for a number of Architectural & Design companies before setting up her own Award Winning Design Practise.

Since setting up her own Design & Project Management company Susan has been called upon to design many specialist lighting schemes both as part of the overall interior design service & as a stand alone service & from here she has set up QMC Lighting Design as a specialist lighting design company. Susan lectures in the practise of lighting design & has been featured in many articles on lighting design & was the Sunday Times Inside Out Magazine "Ask the Experts" Lighting expert.

"Aside from the contemporary furniture choices and jewel-like colour scheme, what really marks this apartment out is its stunning lighting design." Article High Drama

"The lights glint like jewels, so the space is really beautiful & exciting in the evening" Article "Drama in the City" (Client quote)